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Brake lining for brake drum of heavy ducty trucks
truck Drum brake shoes with lining with lining assembled, drum brake lining hardware kits


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Powertech stands as a leading brake lining factory manufacturer in China, specializing in heavy-duty commercial vehicles and automobiles for over two decades. With our extensive experience and expertise, we have gained the prestigious IATF 16949 and ECE R90 approvals.

Over the years, Powertech has grown exponentially, enabling us to provide a wide range of high-quality products, including brake linings and drum brake shoes with assembled linings for heavy commercial vehicles, trucks, semi-trailers, and automobiles.

Our exceptional brake linings are compatible with renowned brands such as MERCEDES BENZ, IVECO, DAF, RENAULT, MAN, SCANIA, YUTONG, KING LONG, YOUNGMAN DONGFENG SINOTRUCK, FAW, and more. Additionally, we cater to the needs of the automotive industry, offering brake linings suitable for popular car manufacturers such as Toyota, Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Honda, Nissan, Ford, Renault, Ferrari, Volvo, Buick, Kia, and Hyundai.

At Powertech, we take great pride in delivering reliable and high-performance brake linings that meet the stringent quality standards demanded by the industry.

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About Company

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As a professional brake lining Factory and manufacturer in China. We aim to supply you best brake lining with high end quality and excellent appearance. Company is IATF 16949 and ECE R90 certificated.

Truck Trailer brake lining

Brake Lining

2000+ Items, supply brake lining for Heavy duty commecial vehicles, trucks, buses, trailers, tractors, mine trucks.

truck Drum brake shoes with lining with lining assembled, drum brake lining hardware kits

Brake Shoe Lining Assembled

Supply heavy duty vehicle brake shoe, brake lining and brake shoes lining assembled, hardware kits.

Auto car brake shoe linings manufacturers and supplier Powertech auto parts

Auto Car Brake Shoe Lining

Auto car brake shoe with lining assembled for car drum brake, such as toyato, VW, GM, Honda, Hyunda,Buick.

brake lining advantage-POWERTECH Brand

As a professional brake lining manufacturer and supplier in China. We aim to supply you best brake lining with high quality. Company is IATF 16949 and Emark ECE R90 certificated.


Supper stoping power with reliability. Consistant compressibility over all the brake lining area, giving better durability, safety, quality.


Featuring high braking efficiency within a broad range of temperature, speed and load. Our brake lining products adapt to complex road conditions, such as mountains, desert, hot weather, over loading.


Benefit from our R/D team and production process, our brake lining formulas has longer brake lining life, but with competitive price.


Perfect quality system, lean production process and strict incoming materials, process quality control. Can supply you high end and stable quality brake lining.


Dynamometer Testing, Chemical, Physical property Testing, 500T and 800T hot press machine. Automatic cutting, grinding, drilling production line.


Supply drum brake shoe, brake lining and lined brake shoe lining, hardware kits for heavy vehicles and auto cars, meet the multiple needs of brake lining clients

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Anti formula application brake lining manufacturers and facotry

brake lining manufacturing Process

As a leading brake lining manufacturer and supplier in China. We aim to supply you best brake lining with high end quality and excellent appearance.

brake pad matereial, brake pad friction material , brake lining friction material

Friction Material

Non Asbestos friction material. Using high-quality raw materials, the brake performance is better and more stable. The incoming inspection for each batch is carried out to ensure that the brake lining materials are qualified for use.

Disc brake pad, brake lining, friction mix machine.brake pad and brake lining OE/OEM manufacturer factory supplier China, Qingdao Powertech auto parts

Friction Material Maxing

The automatic mixing system is adopted to make the friction raw materials of the brake lining formula mixed more uniformly. It is sealed and stored in a plastic bag to prevent the failure of friction materials.

brake lining manufacturing process hot press machine- Powertech brake lining manufacturer and supplier

Heat Press Process

500T - 800T heat press machine get higher density brake lining. Using more advanced hot pressing technology, the top and bottom are heated evenly, so that the product is cured and heated evenly and has better performance.

brake lining manufacturering process, brake lining heat treatment

Curing Process

Precise temperature control system, excellent curing process make sure the brake lining have better braking performance and product qualtiy consistency.

brake lining manufacturing process drilling and grinding

Automatic Grinding and Drilling line

Automatic grinding and drilling brake lining production line improves production efficiency and reduces production costs. Can provide customers brake lining with a lower price.

brake lining warehouse facility - Powertech brake lining manufacturer

LOGO Printing and Packing

LOGO Pring and Marking according to the customer's needs. Provide packing according to customer's request, brake lining with rivet, pack with customized color box or neutral packing.


POWERTECH Your Best Brake Lining Choice


We Never Compromise on Quality

POWERTECH have been in the business of manufacturing brake lining in China for 20 years, we focus on quality and safety. let a true industry veteran provide you with high quality brake lining and brake shoe lining products.


POWERTECH Your Best Brake Lining Choice

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many factors that affect the price, such as the brake lining formulas, the price of the friction materials used, the production equipment of the factory, quality control, etc.
If you want to compare prices of brake lining from different supplier, it is best to follow the same quality standards. Our product price may be 10% more expensive than other brake lining supplier, however the brake lining work life may be 20% or 30% longer.
In addition, the brake lining’s braking performance on high temperature and reliability may also be different. Most important is that what the end consumer like?
We believe: Good quality achieve, clients don’t leave.

Yes, we are an professional OEM brake lining manufactuer, we can produce with your brake lining brand. Meanwhile, if you like our POWERTECH brand, you can also become our agent and brake lining  distributor in your country,

We have been engaged in the export of brake linings for many years, exporting to more than 30 countries and regions with rich export experience. We can guide you step by step to complete the brake lining, brake shoes import. You only need to provide us the model of the product. We can quote you, FOB price, DDP price, CFR price. We can also help you design the your brake lining color box, brand logo, label, etc. according to your needs.

Our brake lining MOQ is 100 sets/800pcs. Lead time si 30-45 days. It’s up to your order quantity. If you are a new brake lining clients, we can accept trial order of brake lining in low quantity for your testing.

Yes, we can provide free samples to you for quality checking. We very much hope that we can start cooperation like this way to increase mutual trust.  1,Sample confirmation, 2, Trial order checking, 3, Bulk order placing. 

First of all, we very much hope that you can visit and audit our brake lining factory, you can have initial confidence in our factory. If you can’t visit, we can provide drum brake lining test reports, including third-party lab test reports. At the same time, we can also provide free samples for you to test. We accept trial orders in small quantities.