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Drum brake shoes manufacturer supplier factory---Powertech auto parts

Are you a truck driver or a repair store for commercial vihecle truck trailers? Do you need to change your brake shoes? Do you know which is the best quality brake shoe? How to choose a high quality brake shoes?

We POWERTECH are a professional brake shoes manufacturer and supplier in China for commercial vehicles and auto cars with more than 20 years experience. Today, let me tell you how to identify which is a high quality brake shoe.

What is brake shoe?

A brake shoe is the part of a braking system which carries the brake lining in the drum brakes used on automobiles, commercial vehicles or the brake block in train brakes and bicycle brakes. A device that is put on a track to slow down railroad cars is also called brake shoes.

How to identify a better quality brake shoe?

The quality of brake shoes is defined by material, manufacturing process, process quality control and quality standard which brake shoes manufacturers are according to.

If you are a consumer or a driver, it’s really difficult to know the manufacturing process.However we can judge the quality through the following aspects

The below post is for consumers only, if you are a professional brake shoes buyer, importer or distributor, please refer to the below post.

1,Brake Shoe Steel Material

Steel Material is most important for brake shoes. Some brake shoes factories use low grade steel to get low prices. Frankly it’s not possible for consumers to test the material. However, we can consider the following aspects.

a, the flatness of the drum brake shoes surface.

b, the thickness tolerance of steel.

Generally, thestell thickness tolerance is +/-0.2mm, if the thickness tolerance exceeds +/-0.2mm, then we can suspect that the steel is not purchased from a famous steel manufacturer.

2,Welding quality

Brake shoes welding is very important for quality. Welding depth and welding strength is very important. However, as a consumer or driver, we only can identify the welding quality from the appearance.

a, welding methead

    point welding, segment welding, full welding.

    We recommend segment welding or full welding brake shoes.

b, welding quality- visual check 

In welding, appearance is a key indicator of quality (via workmanship), with the width, shape and uniformity of the weld crown bead, presence and uniformity of the root bead, and weld profile width-to-depth ratio and shape being especially telling indicators.

weld width. weld defects, such as crack, porosity, undercut….

3, Brake Shoes Dimension 

If the dimension is correct, it will cause brake lining uneven wear and brake jump. Damage the brake hub and brake pads, causing driving safety. How to check the dimension of the brake shoe?

  1,Fitness of brake lining and brake shoe

First,  we need to get a standard brake lining to check if the brake shoes and brake lining fit well.  The gap between the brake shoe and brake lining should be less than 0.8mm before riveting, and It’s better to be less than 0.5mm after riveting.

  2, roller and camshaft roller holes position dimension

It’s really difficult for a consumer to measure the position dimension. However we can judge it in another way.

4,Brake Shoe surface treatment: painting, powder coated,  electrophoretic coating

    There are several surface treatments, such as painting, powder coated,  electrophoretic coating.  powder coated and electrophoretic coating are our first choice.

Moreover, you need to check if it is rust at the edge of the brake shoe and weld edge. If the surface treatment is not good, then it’s easy to rust from the edge of the weld joint and brake shoes.


The above post is for beginners and consumers only. If you need more professional content, please read the following blog: the brake shoe manufacturing process, the tricks of low price brake shoes play

Brake Shoes Manufacturer –POWERTECH

POWERTECH is a professional brake shoes maufacturer and supplier in China, we only deal with high quality brake shoe, brake lining, brake pads . If you are a brake parts importer or buyer, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will show you more about our parts and company. Email: [email protected]


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