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brake pad shim, disc pad shim manufactuer & facotry & supplier

What is Brake Pad Shim?

Brake pad shim or called damping shims are thin layers of rubber or metal on everyday passenger cars between the brake pad and brake caliper. They help to reduce noise, reduce dampening, anti squarel. The brake pad shim prevents small vibrations that build up to annoying noises when the brakes are applied between brake pad and brake caliper.

Brake Pad Shim Material

brake pad shim material, metal shim, stainless shims, rubber shim. brake shim pad shim manufactuer & facotry & supplier
Brake pad shim Material

There are many brake pad shim manufacturers worldwide, and different brake shim manufacturers use different brake pad shim materials. In general, there are following brake pad shim materials.

1, Metal brake pads shim

2, Stainless steel shims

3, Electronic coated steel brake shim

4, Ruber coated brake shim,

such as RMR shim, RSR brake pad shim, Multi layer shims, Woven brake shims, Wolverine pad shim. etc.

Brake Pad Shims Type

1,Brake Pad Shims Assembly:

Stape on brake shims, Clip on brake pad shims

2,Brake Pad Shim Material:

Metal shim, stainless steel shim, rubber coated brake pad shim.

3,Brake Pad Shim with Glue or without Glue.

Famous Brake Shim Brands

Wolverine shim, POWERTECH shim.

Brake Pad Shim Price

Shim price is important for buyers and consumers. There are many key factors affecting shim price. Such as, pad shim thickness, quality, material, performance, brand. Generally, rubber coated shim price >stainless shim price > metal shim price.

Brake Pad Shim / Sheet Manufacturer and Supplier

POWERTECH is a leading brake shim manufacturer and supplier in China. Beside the damping shims, We also supply brake pad shim sheet to OE/OEM brake pad manufacturers overseas.

We can supply all kinds of shims. Metal shims, stainless steel shims, rubber coated shims, wolverine shims and woven brake pad shims.

Our pad shims cover almost all the items of brake pads. We have a laser cutting machine, we can supply you customized brake pad shims.

If you are brake pads manufacturers or factories, please contact us for further information.


China best disc brake pads, brake lining, manufacturer, supplier and factory- pOWERTECH ARUTO PARTS

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